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Basic and Advanced Estate Planning


Afati Law Firm provides basic and advanced estate planning and wealth management services, including, but not limited to, Trust and Will formation, medical and financial power of attorney, nomination of conservator, Letter of Instructions upon death or incapacity, and Community Property Agreements (if married).

Trust Administration and Probate


Afati Law Firm provides administrative services, often assisting trustees and executors collect assets, prepare accounting and reports, effectively distribute funds and solemnly close the estate. 

Trust Litigation and Will Contests

Afati Law Firm also provides litigation services for disputes that arise from Wills and Trusts, including, but not limited to, Trustee’s fiduciary duties, beneficiary’s rights and privileges, and disputes over distribution of assets.



Afati Law Firm has distinguished itself by combining a knowledge of comprehensive trust and estate practice with an array of services provided by a full service law firm. This combination presents a distinct advantage to private wealth individuals who become involved in trust and estate disputes. They receive the intimacy and relationship of a small law firm combined with the panoply of services provided by a large firm.


Let’s Plan for the Future

No one wants to think about the inevitable. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and the worst may come when you least expect it. Preparing a Trust or a Will to account for your assets is an important undertaking you owe to those you care about. Drafting a comprehensive estate plan will make the difference between letting your loved ones know you care and having them spend exorbitant amounts of money probating your estate. Omid John Afati provides an intimate and personal service to help you feel confident that your loved ones are accounted for long after you’re gone.


For Trustees

Most people don’t realize that a Trustee of a Trust bears the brunt of the responsibilities of preserving its assets, opening them to serious liabilities. All too often Trustees get into trouble because they take some action that can be considered a conflict of interest. Fortunately, if the Trustee preserves the assets of the estate the right way, the Trustee can protect himself or herself from potential lawsuits. Omid John Afati provides legal consultation as well as legal defense in the event a Trustee becomes the target of a legal action.


For Beneficiaries

Losing a loved one can be both mentally and emotionally stressful. Unfortunately, the process of receiving the inheritance isn’t always as straightforward as one might think. If an individual is named as the beneficiary in a Will or a Trust, or is the lawful heir to an estate under California law, then that person is entitled to what was bequeathed to them by the decedent. Omid John Afati provides comprehensive legal representation to ensure that the right actions are taken for the beneficiary to receive the property that they are entitled to.




Omid John Afati started Afati Law Firm in 2019 with the goal of providing Southern California with its estate planning and trust litigating needs. Mr. Afati directs his focus on addressing his clients' concerns and desires when planning for life’s unexpected twists and turns. His experience goes beyond trust and will formation, providing his clients with a secure and manageable estate as well as formidable litigation services.
Omid John Afati, Esq.


— Aaron Lloyd

Omid is a highly competent and hardworking attorney who I have worked with on numerous occasions. His work ethic is superior and his knowledge of complex legal matters is unsurpassed. Omid's willingness to "to go the extra-mile" clearly shows that he has a true concern for the well being of his clients. I recommend Omid to anyone looking for an exceptional trust attorney. I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer.


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